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Hatha Yoga

This is a general yoga class suitable for all levels (from beginner to advanced) incorporating strengthening, stretching and balancing components as well as cultivating a connection to the breath. 

Gentle Hatha

A gentle class does not necessarily mean an “easy class”! Build strength, balance and flexibility in the body while using effective but accessible asanas. This is a Hatha style class that focuses on the accessibility of poses with a gentle approach. While this is an all levels class it is excellent for beginners, the inflexible, or anyone looking to focus on creating strength, balance and flexibility while they unwind and breathe at the end of a long day!  

Yoga For Preventing Back Pain

Yoga has long been used for assisting those with back pain. This class is appropriate for all levels of yoga experience and for those with or without back pain. It incorporates poses that have been used within scientific studies in the management of Low Back Pain. 

Yoga Align

A little more alignment, a little less flow!  Based on Anusara alignment principles, this practice will explore the shape of each pose as well as the action to bring your asana to life!  More hands-on assists will be offered in these classes. 

Vinyasa Flow

This class introduces you to or strengthens your knowledge of the Sun Salutation sequence. Typically, each pose moves from one breath to the next. Other poses will be explored within this "flow". Suitable for all levels.

Yoga & Meditation

This one-hour class incorporates various yoga techniques including breathing exercises, asanas and concludes with a meditation practice. The three-part sequence allows you to connect to all your senses, turn your awareness inwards and, over time, gain a deeper connection and understanding about yourself and the people around you. $5 donation or CYS clients can attend and a portion of their pass will be donated.

Yoga for Today

Could be hatha or vinyasa flow, maybe chairs will be used for alignment or bolsters for relaxation! Could be a combination of all! No matter what's in store, all classes will be designed for the students on the mat that day and will be suitable for all levels.  

Nature Space Yoga and Meditation

A slow flow Vinyasa class in which each class is based around a theme from nature. Movement is connected to breath and the emphasis of the class is on being fully present with the breath and the natural element. Each class ends with a 10 to 15 minute guided meditation again based around the theme of the class. This is a beautiful blend of breath work, movement, mindfulness, and nature appreciation.  

Meditation for Improved Memory and More

As we practice meditation, we clear away the accumulated clutter making space for self-awareness and personal growth. Guiding principles include yoga as a discipline of freedom and meditation as a tool for realizing the Self.  Awareness is the key and noticing the first step in building habits that transform our lives. Breathe with awareness and use focused attention to still the mind so you may energize, heal and renew.  

Folk and Flow

A vinyasa based slow flow linking breath with movement. You'll find chill vibes and an eclectic mix of folk music.  A great flow for yogis of all levels, this class will explore balancing asanas, hip openers and everything inbetween.


A Hatha yoga class infused with the highest quality essential oils from doTERRA. Focusing on strength, balance, and flexibility the physical practice is enhanced by supportive oils to deepen the mind/body connection.  


The teachings in this series come from the lineage of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. It is a tool and a technology for understanding and tuning the human instrument, with the goal of realizing one’s highest potential. Over the years, Yogi Bhajan gave many different kriyas and meditations to activate the human capacity to expand, and to develop prosperity consciousness. 

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