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The Starter Week

Our Introductory Special for first timers

Pay for a day, stay for a week!

The Single

Drop in anytime!

The Single x10

10 Class Pack (email to access Zoom with your pack)

We encourage you to use within 6 months

The Single x10

Student / Senior 60+ (email to access Zoom with your pack)

We encourage you to use within 6 months

The Shared 20

20 Class Pack (email to access Zoom with your pack)

Shared with up to 4 designated people

The Space Supporter

Monthly Unlimited Membership - Includes Zoom access

No commitment required, only rewarded

First Month $94.50, Second Month $84, Third-on $73.50

Zoom & Archives

Monthly membership - includes online access only

Zoom Live classes & 100+ Archived classes

Gift Certificates

Set your own amount, they can apply to pack of their choice

Nothing beats the gift of yoga, especially this year!

The Strength Lab 2x

Small group, non-competitive training with David Whitty

in the private gym 2x per week. Month rate.

The Strength Lab 3x

Small group, non-competitive training with David Whitty

in the private gym 3x per week. Month rate.

Charlottetown Yoga Space - 20221022-11-40-47-MO7A9140.jpg

The Foundations

These classes designed for the beginner practitioner in mind. An excellent class for the most even the most hesitant! They will guide you with ease through the fundamentals of strengthening, finding balance, and safe stretching. Been practicing for a while already?  The slower pace and attention to detail will benefit you too!  

Charlottetown Yoga Space - 20221022-12-09-21-MO7A9504.jpg


Yin Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that emphasizes joint health, stretching and calming the mind/nerves.

On a physical level we take a posture and remain in that posture for 3 to 5 minutes allowing for the gentle release of the connective tissues of the body. As the connective tissues release, they provide greater flow of blood, oxygen and fluid to our joints.  On a mind body level we practice dropping out of our heads and into our hearts, breathing in and out of our hearts, allowing ourselves to notice, just notice the experience. We use silent mantra to calm the mind and nerves. Welcoming the relaxation and allowing the yoga to do the work.

Charlottetown Yoga Space - 20221022-11-44-57-MO7A9193.jpg

Yoga Moves

Gabby's Yoga Moves class is a dynamic class that makes use of resistance bands, gliders and body weight to bring strength and awareness to your asana. A variety of progressive movement makes it suitable for all levels. It's a great class to energize you!

Charlottetown Yoga Space - 20221022-11-44-39-MO7A9188.jpg

Yoga for Charity

We are pleased to have a weekly fundraising class back on the schedule.  The instructor and The Space will both donate the full proceeds of this class to local charities.  Contributions will be donated to both Blooming House and Bedford-MacDonald Men's Shelters.  May use any CYS pricing option to take class, your attendance will be donated in full or drop-in with $10 cash donation.

Charlottetown Yoga Space - 20221022-12-01-03-MO7A9398.jpg

Yoga Align

A little more alignment, a little less flow!  Based on Anusara alignment principles, this practice will explore the shape of each pose as well as the action to bring your asana to life!  More hands-on assists will be offered in these classes. 

Charlottetown Yoga Space - 20221022-11-50-14-MO7A9243.jpg

Yoga & Meditation

This one-hour class incorporates various yoga techniques including breathing exercises, asanas and concludes with a meditation practice. The three-part sequence allows you to connect to all your senses, turn your awareness inwards and, over time, gain a deeper connection and understanding about yourself and the people around you.

Charlottetown Yoga Space - 20221022-11-27-13-MO7A9001.jpg

Yoga Now

The practise of yoga can enhance flexibility, balance, resilience, agility, and
stamina, and it also can develop stillness of the mind and the ability to focus.
The Sanskrit word yoga means to join or to unite. As we engage with yoga, we
can create a growing sense of unity of body, mind, intellect, emotions, and spirit.

Charlottetown Yoga Space - 20221022-11-55-34-MO7A9303.jpg

Vinyasa Flow

This class introduces you to or strengthens your knowledge of the Sun Salutation sequence. Typically, each pose moves from one breath to the next. Other poses will be explored within this "flow". Suitable for all levels.

Charlottetown Yoga Space - 20221022-12-27-20-MO7A9793 (1).jpg

Mobility & Strength

Working on and off the mat, this class brings together research and techniques to increase muscular awareness and reduce the discomfort that comes from repetitive movement in life, the gym or the yoga studio. We’ll be using elastics, blocks and gliders in class. If possible participants should bring a pair of socks.

Charlottetown Yoga Space - 20221022-11-41-42-MO7A9154.jpg

Hatha Yoga

This is a general yoga class suitable for all levels (from beginner to advanced) incorporating strengthening, stretching and balancing components as well as cultivating a connection to the breath. 

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