​While we are extremely fortunate to be in a unique position in regards to Covid-19 cases, we would like to take every measure to ensure our businesses will remain open, our children will remain in school, and our yoga students feel comfortable with in-studio classes that we have decided to take extra measures as we move into the fall/winter months:

  • If you are feeling unwell, have traveled outside the Atlantic bubble, are required to self-isolate or for any other reason think you should distance yourself, please refrain from attending class.

  • Students are require to show proof of immunization to attend class as well as observe our MASK TO MAT policy. We ask that everyone wear a mask while entering and exiting the studio.  Once on your mat and properly distanced you may remove your mask.  

  • You must reserve your spot online prior to attending class.

  • Please follow all social distancing directives upon entering the building.

  • YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN PROPS! We will not be permitted to let students borrow any props. However, if you are a regular Space Supporter or active class pack holder we are permitted to allow you to store your own personal props at the studio as long as they are labeled with your name.

  • Instructors may or may not wear masks during class. If they will be moving within a 2 meter distance of the students during class they will wear masks. If they can maintain a 2 meter distance while teaching, they are not required to wear masks.​

  • Specific 2 meter mat placement has been designated on the floor between all students and the teacher. Place your mats in the designated spots when you arrive.  You may remove your mask once on your mat.

  • Please review our operation plan below if you require further information.